Our Films
The Story Behind The I Do

At Sunday Morning Films weddings aren’t about champagne flutes or cut crystal. It’s about people, your people.

Sunday Morning Films seeks to capture your real wedding, a behind the scenes documentary that captures what weddings are about, the people you choose and who have chosen you. How do we do this? SMF takes the time to get to know you. We like to get to know our couples before the big day, we want you to trust us with your stories, we want to listen to them and remember them, just like you would tell your good friend.

After documenting your “I do’s”, and the stories behind them, we compose a beautifully custom made short-film of your wedding and the story behind it, bringing your unique style, attitude and personality into it. Interwoven throughout the film are stories from you and your fiancé, friends and family, telling the world about how you met, the proposal, the mistakes, the rescues, and everything that makes a good love story. It is a film that although familiar, will be unlike anything you have ever seen!

We make your wedding a little more reel.