A Bit About Tim & Jenn

From the age of 13, Jenn was trained in the field of film and television when her parents bought their first VHS video camera. Jenn continued her professional training by working on such productions as HBO’s The Sopranos and ABC’s Good Morning America. Jenn revels in the pleasure of her audience, first from her family and friends, and now from her couples, it is an addiction she has put into action.

Tim’s background is seemingly ‘all business’–with a Bachelors degree from Vanderbilt University as well as a Masters in Finance from Rutgers University, but Tim knows a good party when he sees one. He loves discovering new bands on Saturday nights and exploring lost destinations on Sunday afternoons. Always ready to meet up with old friends or make new ones, it was fate that he found Jenn.

After a beautiful wedding they began to plan for a family and talked about starting their own business… Sunday Morning Films was born.

We make your wedding a little more reel.